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Autoclavable Washable Fabric Reusable Surgical Gown

Autoclavable Washable Fabric Reusable Surgical Gown

Autoclavable Washable Fabric Reusable Surgical Gown

reusable surgical gown made of durable polyester/cotton fabrics is Autoclavable,washable and reusable

Resuable surgical gown/Washable Surgical Gowns/Autoclavable Surgical Gowns

light weight,Water-proof,air-permeable, static resistant,Fire-rretardant,anti-bacterial.
Material and construction:
plian weave 100%cotton, Twill weave 100% cotton, Knit 100% contton

Various sizes are available at our clients’request.

Logo and pattern could printed ,we could make various surgical as per our clients’ design and drawing.

Made from high quality durable polyester/cotton fabrics.

Full back overlap, with Mandarin collar for extra protection.

Different sizes are colour coded.

Washable at high temperatures and autoclavable.

Available in green, blue. Other colours also available (subject to quantity).

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ترگال سبز بیمارستانی

ترگال سبز بیمارستانیAutoclavable Washable Fabric Reusable Surgical Gown
ترگال سبز بیمارستانی
شان گان
Autoclavable Washable Fabric Reusable Surgical Gown

For years many different high-quality fabrics have been used in operations. They are mainly used as drapes for operations and as protective clothing.When choosing suitable materials it is not only fundamental requirements of the material itself but also the requirements of the users and patients and economic and ecological aspects as well which play a decisive role.Surgical fabrics are medical products and are subject to the Medical Devices Act. This means there are high requirements for the fabrics and also for the manufacturers and processors. The requirements and also test methods for these products are regulated in EN 13795.Surgical fabrics play an important role to ensure optimum care is provided during operations. For example, using surgical fabrics can prevent a patient’s wound becoming contaminated as a result of germs or skin particles from the patient or surgical staff. The use of modern, innovative fabrics can be seen as making a key contribution to the protection of patients and staff

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