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Different Types of Denim

Different Types of Denim

Different Types of Denim

Indigo denim:

Indigo denim is achieved by dying the warp threads with indigo dye and

white threads are used as the weft. As a result, most blue jeans are blue on the right side, as the fabric is warp facing, and the interior is lighter blue, almost white.

Stretch denim:

Stretch denim weaves spandex or another elastic component to give the fabric some added give and flexibility. Stretch denim is often used for skinny jeans.

Crushed denim:

This type of denim has been treated so that it has a wrinkled look.

Acid-wash denim:

This denim is treated with chlorine and a pumice stone to create a marbled look.

Raw denim:

Raw or dry denim is fabric is that is not washed after it is dyed. This creates a rougher and stiffer texture.

Sanforized denim:

This is denim that is treated so that it doesn’t shrink in the wash. This applies to almost all kinds of denim except for raw denim

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